Install Fitbit App on PC for Free


Windows 7, considered an old but reliable operating system, still maintains a significant user base. Applications continue to run smoothly on Windows 7, and the Fitbit app for Windows 7 is no exception.

  • The primary feature of this fitness-focused app is its ability to sync your Fitbit device's data with your PC. This process is done wirelessly and automatically as long as the app is open, and your Bluetooth device is connected.

  • The app provides essential fitness analytics directly on your desktop, including your step count, heart rate, sleep duration, and more. Over time, you will gain a comprehensive view of your health trends.

  • The Fitbit program on Windows 7 also includes badge progress updates, friend-based step challenges, and helpful notifications regarding your fitness progress.

How to Install and Launch the Fitbit App on Older Windows Versions

If you are wondering how to Fitbit install on Windows 7, the process is rather straightforward.

  1. Click on "Download for PC." The .exe file for Fitbit Connect will start to download.

  2. Once the download complete, open the file and follow the set-up wizard's instructions to install Fitbit Connect on your computer.

  3. After installation, open the Fitbit Connect app. Log in to your Fitbit account, or create a new one if you haven't already done so.

To synchronise your Fitbit device with the app, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer. Open the Fitbit Connect app, and select "Main Menu" > "Set up a New Device" > "Existing User", then log in to your account. The app Fitbit download for Windows 7 will now begin syncing your data.

System Requirements

Operating System Processor RAM Hard Disk Space
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 or later Minimum 512 MB Minimum 200 MB

Please note that the Fitbit app might not function perfectly on Windows XP due to outdated system resources.

Downloading the Fitbit App

If you're interested in bringing fitness tracking to your desktop, it's easy to Fitbit download for Windows 7. You can obtain the installation file directly from the official Fitbit website. The "Download for PC" option will automatically provide you with the correct file for your system.

Remember to download updates for the Fitbit app periodically to ensure optimal performance and to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

Although Windows 7 is an older operating system, you can still effectively use the Fitbit on Windows 7 to monitor and track your fitness goals.

Install Fitbit App on PC for Free