Install Fitbit App on PC for Free


Before we delve into the detailed process, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the system requirements. Only then can you install Fitbit on your laptop seamlessly.

Fitbit Laptop App - System Requirements

Operating System RAM Processor Hard Drive Space
Windows 7 and later At least 2GB Intel or AMD 1.6 GHz or faster 500MB free space

Remember, your laptop needs to satisfy all the above requirements for the Fitbit laptop app to work smoothly.

Fitbit App Installation Guide

Now you're all set to download the Fitbit Application. It's quite simple and follows the same process as any other app installation. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to Fitbit for laptop download for Windows 10:

  • Visit the Fitbit Setup page using any browser on your laptop.
  • Select "Download for Windows." You'll notice that the Fitbit download for laptop initiates.
  • Once downloaded, locate the file and open it to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction until the completion of the installation.

Just like that, you are through with the download and installation of the free Fitbit app for laptop. Now, let's look at how you can launch Fitbit on your device.

Launching Fitbit Application on Different Laptops

To use applicationt to its fullest potential, here's a step-by-step guide on how to install Fitbit on laptop or PC.

  • Choose the "Download" option for Windows and start downloading the Fitbit Connect installer
  • After the download is complete, locate the installer on your laptop and run it
  • Follow the installation prompts on your screen
  • Once installed successfully, launch the Connect and log into your Fitbit account

The process is quite straightforward for executing on various laptop brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and others.

Detailed System Requirements

Before you proceed with the installation, it's essential to verify your laptop Fitbit system requirements. Here is a comprehensive table that details the specific requirements based on your laptop's operating system:

Operating System Required Version Other Requirements
Windows Windows 7 and above .NET Framework 4.5 or later, Internet Access
Mac OsX 10.6 - macOS 10.15 Internet Access

Launching Fitbit on HP/Dell

To run the Fitbit on laptop, locate the application on your laptop and double-click on the icon. If a login window doesn't appear, try to restart your laptop and try again.

Launching Fitbit on Acer/Lenovo

On Acer or Lenovo machines, you might have to synchronize your smart device with the Fitbit app for laptop for the initial setup. Afterward, launching the application is as simple as double-clicking the desktop icon.

Regardless of the laptop's brand, using Fitbit essentially remains the same.

Install Fitbit App on PC for Free